Tribal Series "Yak Bone Coqui" Necklace

$10.00 $20.00 -50% OFF

Tribal Series "Yak Bone Coqui" Necklace

$10.00 $20.00 -50% OFF
Product description

The Coqui Frog necklace is one of the oldest symbols that represents the people called the Taino. Here we have an adjustable length resign necklace fashioned with the coqui in the yak bone style.

The frog of legend

The coquí was here long before any humans came to the island, so they have the longest history, and perhaps they sing each night because they have so much to say. The little frog greeted the Taíno when they came to Boriken from South America. Taíno petroglyphs depict the frogs, and many of their stories revolve around the amphibian.

The legend is that there was a beautiful goddess who fell in love with Coquí, the chief’s son. When he went out to fish, she would make sure that he came back with a big catch, and he would sing praises to her. One evening, she came to him in the form of a Taíno maiden, and they fell in love. She told Coquí that she would come back the next evening at moonrise, but the next evening came, and with it came the evil Juracán. The sky blackened and his winds howled and the goddess tried to protect her lover, but Juracán snatched him away and she never saw him again. She did not know how she could go on without her beautiful Coquí, so she created this tiny frog that will forever call for him: “Co-kee! Co-kee!”


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