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CrioLite Dehydrated Sofrito - Puerto Rican Pride
CrioLite Dehydrated Sofrito $5.40
The Dehydrated Criolite Sofrito 3oz covers the need of those people who wish to consume a puerto rican sofrito free of additives and preservatives. To consume it you only must dilute 1 tablespoon of Dehydrated Criolite Sofrito for every 2 tablespoons of liquid or add it directly to your stews. Criolite Dehydrated Sofrito is made with a perfect blend of natural spices of the highest quality such as pepper, cilantro, onion, carrot and tomato.  Benefits: · Approved by dieticians · Vegan · No coloring · No MSG · Kosher · No pepper · Without salt · Gluten free · Without additives · Maintains freshness for 2 years after opening BUB Oct 22
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MOJO Seasoning 10oz MOJO Seasoning 10oz
MOJO Seasoning 10oz $11.50 $18.00
Super hard to find, MOJO is not exactly Puerto Rican but Cuban. However, it is has a fantastic flavor profile that will suite your Boricua pallet nicely.  This is a product made exclusively for our friends... Hand blended with a fragrant combination of garlic, cumin, black pepper, orange and lime. Use it as a dry rub on the meat or add some beer and/or orange juice to the roasting pan. Cover and roast until the meat is’ll be juicy and loaded with flavor! Often referred to as "Spanish Barbecue Sauce", use this Mojo Seasoning to make your own Cuban Mojo dip, sauce or marinate for chicken, fish or pork by simply mixing 3 tablespoons of Mojo Seasoning with the juice of 3 limes (about 1/2 cup), 1 orange (approximately 1/2 cup) and ¼ cup of olive oil.
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Adobo without Pepper - Puerto Rican Pride
Adobo without Pepper $9.00 $10.50
Adobo seasoning without pepper.  Adobo Sin Pimienta 10.5oz Great on poultry, fish, pork or beef. BUB March 22
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Adobo with Pepper - Puerto Rican Pride
Adobo with Pepper $5.90 $10.50
Montero, a staple in Puerto Rico is available here. Here we have the Adobo with "Pimienta" with pepper. 10.5oz. Seasoning without pepper for meats, poultry and fish and for stews. 1/2 spoon to a pound of meat. BUB March 22

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