Del Colmenar Pure Honey

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Product description

Pure Puerto Rican Honey

7oz. Antibacterial. Antiseptic. Anti-inflammatory. Energizing. Soothing Burns, Wounds and Scarring. Gastritis, Ulcers Digestive and Immune System.

Moisturizer and removes spots on the skin.

In 1999, Mr. Erasmo Ramos becomes a certified Beekeeper.
In 2005, he starts his corporation: Erasmo Ramos, Inc.
In 2012, his manufacturing plant opens in Barranquitas, Puerto Rico, where he started to produce and pack pure honey from Puerto Rico and its derivatives. From there, he currently handles the distribution for local and external markets. Today, they have an excellent team of professionals following all the processes required by law in the area of production, packaging, sales, and distribution.